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A hard logic problem - The escape of blue eyed vampires

Once upon a time, a vampire clan lived peacefully on an island (as long as vampire clans can live peacefully). Then, a demon lord came, overwhelmed the vampires and became the ruler of the island. The demon didn't want any vampire to escape so he created a gargoyle to guard the only way out. This gargoyle was a fantastic creature, so powerful that he was kept petrified for the whole time until a vampire appears. Then he awakened and started to fight until seeing no more vampire "alive" (as far a vampire can be alive). All vampires crazy enough to try were killed only left a hundred of vampires. There was a catch, of course. The gargoyle was not perfectly designed. It did not awaken when blue eyes vampires appeared. And all remaining vampire were blue eyes but as you know vampires cannot see him/her selves on reflections. For any reason, they were not aware of their eye colors.
Besides all that, blue eyed vampires didn't like each other (so they would never say to each…