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Answering: top reasons I hate living in Brazil

Yes, some guys shared a teasing topic about “Top reasons why I hate living in Brazil”: http://www.gringoes.com/forum/forum_posts.asp?TID=17615&PN=1&title=top-reasons-i-hate-living-in-brazil What is the point here? The whole text is loaded of cliclés, people that you will hardly find, etc most of time just pissing people off.   I don’t think Brazil is the best country in the world. Also, I don’t think Brazilians don’t make mistakes. Actually we do all the time but most of us really care about our mistakes specially those were pointed out. Some feel like an expatriate, alien in own country. Others reflect about how we could improve. Others  simply don’t accept teases from John Does. So, I’m actually truly bothered with people believing in a bunch of false statements (specially Brazilians) or supporting some cynical arguments disguised “sincere” criticisms . Yes, I make mistakes all the time, and as most of Brazilians, I don’t speak English. However, I will