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Road to Schloss Linderhof

Grand Place - Brussels

The Interview Game - Part II

I am trying to digest my last interview. What I did right and wrong. As the previous event, I had 4 technical interviews but different from previous event, interviewers asked more times about my experience. What am I doing? What was my last big decision? What is interesting in my current job? And so on. This is something that I didn’t like because I have been working here for only 3 months in my new job so it was not easy to talk about things that I am still learning. My first interviewer gave me 2 questions…I spend a good time with a bad solution in my second problem and that was an easy question. In the end I gave a good answer but I had already involved. Question 1: how to convert a file path (file path will always have root dir) to an canonical path. Ex: "/a/b/../c" $\Rightarrow$ "/a/c". Question 2: how to implement a data structure for control use of limited resources of 3 kinds. (Ex: Lock SA is a company that provide lockers to users in airport. When a ne